Why Choose Us

“Play is the beginning of knowledge.” - George Dorsey

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” - Fred Donaldson

“When we make PLAY the foundation of learning, we teach the whole child.” - Vince Gowman

At Mara Nursery we know that young children are naturally active, curious, and constantly on the move, learning with every experience and play opportunity.

In fact, the most important learning that takes place in this stage of development comes through child’s play. Children are constantly on the move, exploring their world with ebullience, curiosity, and with endless energy.

At Mara Nursery we feel that a child’s capacity for learning in this stage is enormous and they learn and develop from every experience, relationship, and adventure they encounter. Having the space and opportunity to explore objects and play environments help children develop their imagination and master the motor, cognitive, language, and social skills that are essential for future development.

Here at Mara Nursery your child will experience a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, planned by a qualified and experienced staff team.

It is very important that each child is met as an individual human being, which develops in his/her own special way and that we see the child’s unique potential for processing information in specific ways. We will always do our best to ensure that the children are learning in a happy, safe, fun and positive environment.

Parents at Mara know that their children are happy and safe enabling them to focus their attention on other commitments more easily.

To truly appreciate what Mara Nursery can offer you and your family a visit would be highly recommended. Please feel free to book your tour to come and experience our Mara’s Hub community at your convenience.


  • Forest School
  • Increase employment in the local economy
  • Sustainability
  • Child centred
  • Involving the whole community - Parents and Children (Hubsters)

Co-Working Hub

The team at Mara have created a harmonious and nurturing ‘Home from Home’ workspace where people can use a Hot Desk in the Co-Working Hub to focus on their work, surrounding themselves with others from the local community.

Mara is a fully equipped Co-Working Hub with WI-FI, a stationery resource bank, free refreshments, access to a printer and scanner and a separate kitchen. For a £5 additional charge, the on-site Chef will prepare you a delicious lunch (wholesome homemade soup, sandwich and a beverage).

Great nursery where each child is nurtured to bring out the best. My daughter has made very good progress here with supportive, encouraging and friendly staff.

June 27, 2021

My son really struggled with detachment from myself due to being in lockdown since he was 6 months old, so transitioning to Nursery for 6 hours a day was a big change for him. There were times I wanted to stop and pull him out but the staff at Mara reassured me and supported me and my son throughout. They went above and beyond to make the transition as smooth as possible for both me and my son. Now 5 months in and Regan is so excited for Nursery and to see his teachers. I no longer get noticed by him at the nursery doors. He has so much fun and loves the environment. I am so happy that I stuck it out, going through the tears and tantrums even though it was super hard. Regan is an only child and has not had the opportunity to mix with other children due to lockdown and covid. He can be very challenging but since being at Mara I have seen a massive change within himself down to every last detail, he’s starting to try and express himself more with his speech, he’s learning to share and so much more. Thank you so much Mara, we can’t wait to grow more and more with you.

March 30, 2021

Great secure location with the added bonus of parking. The staff were very friendly and it was clear the children adored them. We were made to feel very welcome. The facilities are great. I was pleased to see all of the things my son enjoys doing available to him and outdoor space for the children to enjoy come rain or shine. Would definitely recommend a visit.

March 11, 2021

Lovely, bright, and welcoming place with lots of activities for babies and children! I was especially enamored by the forest school outside and the playframe inside.

March 11, 2021

After looking at several options for childcare for my little girl and not really feeling happy with any of them, I found the Mara Nursery and co-working space. I was immediately impressed with the staff and how attentive they were to the children's needs. The staff are so friendly and clearly enjoy their jobs which made me feel happy and comfortable leaving my little one with them. The nursery is clean and the children also have an outdoor space which they use regularly. I also love the co-working space, it's awesome to have such a lovely light space to work where I can concentrate away from all the jobs I need to do at home.

March 11, 2021

My two children started with Mara a few weeks ago and as a Mother, I could not have been more happy than I am. First, due to its proximity to my home, I was dreaming of the 'empty' building becoming a nursery. Well, Eileen and her team made that possible in very challenging times and turned 'that shell' into the most beautiful nursery that you will see inside and out. Second, I cannot praise enough each and every member of staff, including the Chef for their fantastic work and tremendous energy. My children are happy enjoying their first steps in life and I am happy that they are safe and well looked after.

March 8, 2021

The team have made so much effort to settle Elenor in and I feel they really care about the children there. At a time when a lot of family is off limits, it is great that the staff make such an effort to create a bond with your child. It is a lovely bright space with great activities/toys indoors and outdoors for the children to explore. I'm really happy with it!

March 8, 2021

Our daughter is so happy at Mara. The indoor and outdoor space are both great with such a vast amount of equipment to keep them busy all day. The menu is really well varied and our veggie daughter is brilliantly catered for. However, what makes Mara really stand out are the wonderful staff. Always full of smiles, they make the nursery so welcoming and have set up such a nurturing, fun and child-led environment that I feel confident my daughter is receiving the best possible care (and she's always telling us what a brilliant day she's had!)

March 8, 2021

"My son is almost two and has been at Mara since it opened last year. I loved the space as soon as I saw it; the rooms are bright and airy and so well designed with natural materials, and they have a lovely garden. It was just the kind of nursery that I had envisioned my son attending. I knew I had found the right place for him when they told me that they have a ‘gentle’ settling procedure for the children as starting nursery is a big transition for them and for parents too. It was his first time away from home and we all struggled with the separation, but with the care and patience of the wonderful Mara staff he did settle and now he absolutely loves going to nursery!" "The whole team at Mara are so wonderful and I know that it is the little things that they have each done for my son that has helped him to feel secure and happy in his first ‘home away from home’."

February 12, 2021

"Would like to thank Mara nursery for settling in my little boy especially during lockdown and uncertain times. The staff are amazing friendly and kind. Always keeping me informed of his progress. Would highly recommend this lovely nursery."

Ben Shapley
February 4, 2021

"I am so comforted and happy with Rose being in Mara nursery. She is just so happy and content. I can’t believe how much progress you have made in one week. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to get to know her as an individual and how you have embraced her little schedule and sleep needs- it means so much. I feel such a relief knowing she is settling and being so happy. You are wonderful at your jobs."

February 4, 2021

"My little boy started Mara nursery when he was approx 18 months old. Even though he was my second child I was still full of anticipation but we were met with so much warmth from the team and after just a few days he was running in! Once I’ve done drop off I head straight upstairs to the working hub to get on with my day job. The space is clean and bright and refreshing to be working somewhere else other than home. Ultimately though my boy walks out smiling and that makes me happy"

February 4, 2021

"We were thrilled when Mara opened at the very moment we needed to send our 10 month old to nursery. We were nervous about sending him while he was so little, but he settled in very quickly and clearly adores his time there. We love the daily updates and pictures that are sent to us - it’s such a relief to us to know he is in such a safe and nurturing environment while we are at work. The team are warm, approachable and extremely quick to respond to any questions. The working hub is a real bonus which we look forward to using when we need to!"

Sarah, Mitch and Henry
February 4, 2021

"My son loves going into nursery, he goes straight to the staff and doesn’t even turn around to say bye to us! The staff put on amazing activities and aren’t afraid to get messy. The messier the clothes the better day he’s had in my opinion!" "Mara has a lovely outdoor space, attentive staff, clean rooms and a diverse menu of food. What more could you ask for. Practically the drop offs and pick ups are very easy due to the on-site parking which is a huge bonus." I have no hesitation in recommending Mara to families looking for a lovely nursery for their child.

February 4, 2021

"Our little girl joined Mara nursery (Elderberries) in January and settled in very quickly. The staff are great and our daughter enjoys being there which ultimately is the most important thing."

February 4, 2021